In the heart of peace

Life looked a superfluous gain,
the reality, but, was a bargain,
with a long road to follow
and a myriad of hardships to swallow.

The deafening noise of humanity
the silence of sins and the conviction of mind,
had ragged my mentality
and rendered me blind.

To the truth and sanity of my soul,
that my heart wanted to reach,
the body tried to take a turn,
and the world cried foul.

What a disparagement, a bad fiction,
off which I wanted to lift my thoughts,
but my feet refrained, unconscious in emotions,
shackled in bloody relations
and without a sigh of unheralded ramifications.

This unruly world I wanted to try,
thereby bore the seed of justness, to testify.
Cried foul forthwith all sentiments,
my testament all but in disparity,
ended a bewildering far cry.

World defying, me planted a tree,
of happiness and solidarity,
sunned and watered, and set it free,
to bloom the positivity, in all spree.

Will flow soon, my Precious, the breeze,
of immaculate sense, sheer brotherhood and reverence,
to bring down a new dawn, of love and humanity,
come which, I shall close my eyes,
in the heart of peace, in eternity.

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