Loving moon

Sitting on moor
I look at the sky,
reminds me of you
that love is still due.

You come at night
veiling from daylight,
and fix up in the blue
as if my Lord used a glue.

Then you shower on me
your immaculate beam,
of peace and solitaire
to give me a dream.

The cuckoo cuckoos
and comes the light
Uh oh! Not so soon,
keep up the night over the bright!

Goes on your fingers, and palms,
rest on my head, and
spread on my chest,
entrust me love, of all calms.

Some love here, some love there
like a mother, and a wife,
the blood in day that sorely miss,
you show me what true love really is.

The darkness is spent,
no longer in solitude,
since you are by side
as I scale the peak of gratitude.

The gratefulness, towards you
is never ending and always due,
because your love is immaculate,
unending, and pure like the morning dew.

No matter the world thinks me a waste,
you always have a different taste.
Because excavating me from all dirt,
you digged the truth, you read my heart.

As my dream with you moves on
I wish you, like this, always stay on
as your love is so selfless and pure
I dream this dream goes on and on, for sure.

Thank you moon!

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