Your dark eyes

Them dark eyes
and them dark eyelashes,
can't sing enough of your beauty
and just fill in those dashes.

Your colorful language
or the careful wit,
sends me in haulage
to explore them myth.

There's no mood, or unmood
to flatter or blabber,
coz the long by side you stood
you turn more into my gaffer.

I like your attitude
careful and that oozes,
moving like the kite up there
carefree as it breezes.

Them ducks that saw you
started waddling, following you
whether in the brown, or clear,
as if choreographed through.

And the resisting sky too sneaked in
when you're in tight sleep
to feed your eyes with the pearlish hue,
snatched away from that darkness creep.

These drips of immaculateness,
display profound fondness and so great kindness
living words falling short, thereby,
in the lavish praise of your highness.

I keep it here and keep it simple
as the moon is cracking with jealousy
from my praise of your dimple
as I prepare to die in fantasy.

It should not be the end
unlike the timing sand
as I'm now engrossed and tossed
in the loving and divine hand.

Them crafting my mind
and the loving intellect,
ensure that I leave all grudges behind
to go on and love, only love, the select.

Though I'm stopping for the day
as I feel I'm not enough mature,
because today's not going to be the last day,
that there's time as I reach that stature!

Ha haha ha!

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  1. This is also dedicated to those ladies who have dark eye circles owing to work and pressure and less rest. I salute you all. :)